A. B. de Villiers and the record books

In the ongoing ODI between South Africa and West Indies, A. B. de Villiers made the fastest fifty as well as the fastest hundred in ODIs. If you look at ODI scores above 25, it is still the third highest.

First, the fastest scores above 100 ranked by strike rate:


The highest scores above 50:


And the highest scores above 25 (not a regular record, but still…..). Here ABD comes third, ahead of two New Zealanders.


While we are at it, we look at all ODI scores of 10 and more. ABD’s score is still respectable:


The above tables are for the final scores (149 in his case). For reaching his hundred we have this (which remains a live link):


He beat Corey Anderson’s record of 36 balls (set last January) by 5 balls. It had taken over 17 years to “advance’ from Afridi’s 1996 record of 37 balls.

For reaching his fifty we have this live link:


Here he beat Jayasuriya’s 1996 record of 17 balls by one ball.

No records for the fastest 25 or fastest 10 seem to be readily available, but I am sure that someone will fill them in.

A parting shot: He scored 149 off 44 balls. If he had scored his 150th run off 45 balls (a reasonable assumption) he would have a strike rate of 333.33, far above that of others who crossed 150:


Finally we look at his career strike rate (compared to all who batted in at least 20 ODI innings) and find it to be somewhat lower than expected. Shahid Afridi is not at the top, but is the highest among the better-known players. The now-forgotten Yousuf Pathan is also quite high up.

ABD-career SR