Deaths of prominent cricketers in 2014

While this is not supposed to take the place of an obituary section, this is a full listing of all Test players who passed away during the calendar year 2014. It does include brief details of the players, but anyone wanting more details should look to sites like Cricinfo.

I should have got all the Test players (even if they played only one) and a few others who were significant to the game. These include Test umpires, writers and major first-class players. The last one tends to be subjective, as I am particularly familiar with domestic cricket only in India and England.

While the most mourned death was undoubtedly that of Phil Hughes, spare a thought for the South African bowler Norman Gordon who passed away at the age of 103 years and 27 days. He was the only Test player to score a century in this way.

Here is the table: