Yet another theorem for the World Cup


Statement of the theorem:

1) No host can win a World Cup

2) If a country is one of the hosts, it can win only if the final is in one of the other co-host countries.

As we will see, this had a 100 percent success rate until 2007. Dhoni and Co spoiled it in 2011, so some other theorem will have to be created.

Going over the results;

1975: WI won in Eng

1979: WI won in Eng

1983: Ind won in Eng

1987: Aus won in Ind

1992: Pak won in Aus

1996: SL (host) won in the final held in Pak

1999: Aus won in Eng

2003: Aus won in SA

2007: Aus won in WI

(9 out of 9 so far)

2011: Ind won in Ind (though if SL had won the theorem would still be valid)

Anyway, we still have a 90 percent success rate. So we can be quite confident that Australia will not win the final.