Now for the finals

Data for past ODI encounters between Australia and New Zealand is quite sparse. In the past 5 years there have been only 2 such finished matches which are shared 1-1. Australia won in the 2011 world cup, and New Zealand won the recent league match. And in the past 5 years there has been no ODI between these teams played in Australia.

Anyway, we now look back to the individual performances of players from the four teams which made the semi-finals (including all matches up to and including the match on Mar 26):

After SF 001

A quick look at batting from these teams:

All those who scored 100 or more runs:


While Guptill has the most runs (532) and highest individual score (237*), de Villiers has the highest average (96.40) and McCullum has the highest strike rate (191.81). Now de Villiers will not be there in the final, and the next in line for highest average is Guptill with 76.00.

Now for bowling:

All those who took at least 5 wickets:


Boult has the most wickets at 21 with Starc close behind with 20. The best innings bowling is 7-33 by Southee followed by Starc with 6-28. The best average here is 10.20 by Starc, best economy rate 3.65 also by Starc and the best strike rate 15.0 by C. Anderson.

Now for fielding:

All keepers and non-keepers who made 5 or more dismissals:


Most dismissals by a keeper is 15 by Dhoni and 9 by Roussow for non-keepers.

The best ratio of dismissals per innings is 2.00 by Haddin for keepers and 1.50 by Roussow for non-keepers.

And finally all-round performances:

Minimum 100 runs and 5 wickets:

AR 100 and 5

Only three make the cutoff. We can say that Maxwell is the best batsman among them and Anderson the best bowler.

Some more numbers will appear before the finals.