How Indian Railways improvises-a makeshift generator van for refrigerated containers.

I saw this on a JNPT-bound container train at Panvel in 2007. It had some refrigerated containers presumably containing some perishable food items for export. Now refrigerated containers need lots of power, for which a generator is needed. This is how IR solved the problem:

Container-gen 001

Another view of the same:

Container-gen 002

Note the Maersk refrigerated container on the right. Though it may not be clearly visible here, there are power cables connecting it with the generator van on the left. If you look carefully, you will see that the generator is kept in an old container which may have passed its useful life. Still it was found to be good enough to house a large generator.

Note the small door at the side, which is the generator attendant’s cabin. Conditions must be quite hot inside, which is why he was wearing an undervest when he got down for a well deserved breath of fresh air. Being in close proximity to a noisy and polluting diesel genset must not be very healthy. At least his counterparts on the Rajdhanis and Shatabdis have slightly better working conditions.

Anyway this can be taken as a good example of recycling of used containers.

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  1. You are very observant, Ajai. I would not really call it jugaad. Secondly, it may not have been an old container passed its usual life. It is often worthwhile adapting an underaged container to provide mobile DG set on wheels. This was an innovative measure!

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