Best performances in cricketing defeats-2

We now take a quick look at Test career figures of the best performances in defeats:

Batting: Highest averages with a minimum of 10 innings:


The top 3 places go to England regulars who played in Ashes series when Australia was generally stronger, though Bradman makes an entry lower down. And Hazare did better than later Indian greats. Current players here include DA Warner, AD Mathews and S Chanderpaul. The highest average from the recent past is that of A Flower closely followed by BC Lara.

Bowling: Best averages with a minimum of 10 innings bowled:


Mostly from the olden days, while McGrath and Akram are the only ones to have played in this century. The best economy and strike rates also seem to be from the distant past.

Wicket-keeping and fielding: minimum of 10 innings fielded:


Here we do have some of the moderns like Gilchrist and the much-maligned Kamran Akmal near the top. No non-keepers appear above, so we create a separate list for them:

Non-keepers: minimum of 10 innings fielded:


The person at the top of the list is a real surprise, while famous catchers like ED Solkar also appear.

Finally we look at all-round performance.

As usual, some tweaking is needed to consider “true” all-rounders. The criteria are given below-10 innings batted and bowled, batting average above 15, bowling average below 45 and at least two fifties and two four-fors in the matches in question:


Here there is an interesting mix of new and old, with the all-time greats such as Pollock, Kapil, Imran and RJ Hadlee in the middle although the lesser-known GA Faulkner and CL Cairns are at the top. We are also reminded that Gayle is a bowler of some ability.