If Kafka was Indian….

Many of us have heard the word “Kafkaesque”. It is generally associated with his work “The Trial” which was published in the 1920s. If you have forgotten the story you can refer to Wikipedia or elsewhere. It can be summed up on the blurb on one of the cheap editions:

What is your crime?               Nothing.

Who is the judge?                    I don’t know.

What is the punishment?       Death.

If Kafka had lived in India, he would have found much inspiration for similar works over the past century or so. One such story is that of Manmohan Singh, not the former PM but a farmer in a remote part of Pilibhit district of Uttar Pradesh.

Read his Kafkaesque story:


and an update:


There are, of course, many interesting questions which can be asked about the way banks function in India-particularly the supposedly people-friendly public sector banks.

Tail piece: Not sure why this restaurant in Jaipur chose to name itself after the same writer: