The Aum Shinkyo cult and Sarin revisited

The Aum Shinkyo cult was supposed to be a forgotten footnote of history. Until news items like these appeared recently:

Interesting that Japan took 23 years to execute the persons behind their worst domestic terrorist attack.

One often wondered if there is any connection between Sarin nerve gas and India. Fortunately or unfortunately, there is not. Read the first paragraph here:

While the Nazis did not get round to using it, it was found useful by the governments of Iraq and Syria. Among terrorists, only Aum Shinkyo got round to using it effectively.

A sidelight: One of the Iraqi proponents of weapons like these was nicknamed “Chemical Ali”:

As a counterpart to this, the Iraqi government’s PR man during the 2003 war was given the title “Comical Ali”:

He is still around, unlike his semi-namesake who was hanged in 2010. Perhaps Comical Ali has a more auspicious name than Lord Haw Haw, who was hanged by the British government after WW2.