Five wickets in an innings on debut and never again

So far, we have seen that

105 players scored a century on debut.

40 of them never scored a century again.

Of these 40, 19 never even scored a fifty again.

15 players took 10 wickets in a match on debut.

11 of them never took 10wm again.

Of these 11, 7 never even took 5wi again.

Now we look more closely at those who took 5wi on debut.

This seems more easy than scoring a century or taking 10wm on debut, since:

154 players took 5wi on debut. 9 of them took two fivers in the same match, making a total of 163 instances.

69 of them never took 5wi again.

Here is the list:

5wi on debut and never again

These include some (like Ganteaume and Redmond) who played only in one Test. Here we have WH Ashley (only one innings), DW Carr, MF Malone, CS Marriott, CA Smith and A Warren.

CS Marriott remains the only one to take a 10wm in his only Test. And there are several who played only 2 or 3 Tests.

In fact many did not even take 4 wickets in an innings (4wi) again.

There are 50 such players (amounting to 54 instances of 5wi). They are:

5wi on debut and never even 4wi again

Some current players such as L Embuldeniya, Mahmudullah, Nayeem Hasan and L Ngidi may yet take 4wi or 5wi in the future. Mahmudullah is now one of his team’s leading batsmen.