Test cricket’s great collapses-3

We have already seen instances when a collapse occurred after the first wicket put on 100 or more runs, and then collapses after the first two wickets put on 200 or more runs. Now we look at collapses where the first three wickets put on 300 or more runs.

Here, we choose the ratio of (runs added after the fall of 3 wickets)/(runs added by the first 3 wickets). The cutoff here is 0.2 or 20%.

Collapse after 300 for 3

This  list is in chronological order. The worst collapse is by 15.9% for Pakistan against India at Mumbai in 1960. Then there is 16.0 (Eng v WI at Port of Spain, 1974) and 16.1 (WI v Pak at Port of Spain, 1993.

We briefly summarize these 10 Tests below. The detailed scorecards could be seen at www cricinfo com or www cricketarchive com among others.

1. WI v Eng (3rd Test), Georgetown, 21-02-1930.

WI 471 and 290

Eng 145 and 217

WI won by 289 runs.

In the first innings, WI’s 471 was built on the scores of CA Roach 209, EAC Hunte 53, GA Headley 114, MP Fernandes 22. No bowler took more than 2 wickets in this innings.

The 4-Test series was won 1-1, not before the 4th Test was drawn with WI 408/5 facing a target of 836.

2. Eng v Aus (4th Test), Leeds, 22-07-1948.

Eng 496 and 365/8 dec

Aus 458 and 404/3

Aus won by 7 wickets.

In the first innings, Eng’s 496 included scores of L Hutton 81, C Washbrook 143, WJ Edrich 111, AV Bedser 79, with SJE Loxton 3-55.

Bedser, who normally batted at no 9, had his moments as a night-watchman.

This was a famous victory by Australia, being the first time 400 had been scored to win in the 4th innings. This ensured that Australia retained the Ashes, with a 3-0 lead in the 4th Test.

The 5th Test was somewhat of an anti-climax with England 52 and Bradman 0 in his last Test. Australia won the 5-Test series 4-0.

3. Eng v SA (2nd Test), Johannesburg, 27-12-1948.

Eng 608

SA 315 and (fo) 270/2


In the first innings, Eng’s 608 included scores of L Hutton 158, C Washbrook 195, JF Crapp 56, DCS Compton 114, CN McCarthy 3-102, NBF Mann 3-107.

England won the 5-Test series 2-0.

4. Pak vs Ind (1st Test), Mumbai (BS), 02-12-1960.

Pak 350 and 166/4

Ind 449/9 dec


We have met this innings earlier, as an example of a collapse after 200+/2.

Yet again in the first innings, Pakistan’s 350 included scores of Hanif Mohammad 160, Imtiaz Ahmed 19, Saeed Ahmed 121, Mushtaq Mohammad 6, RB Desai 3-116, SP Gupte 4-43.

(At 15.9%, it is the worst collapse in this category).

This Test was drawn, and was the first of the 5 draws in this series. It was only the second 5-draw series, following an earlier series with India visiting Pakistan in 1954-55.

5. Aus v WI (2nd Test), Melbourne, 26-12-1968.

WI 200 and 280

Aus 510

Aus won by an innings and 30 runs.

But their 510 included scores of IR Redpath 7, WM Lawry 205, IM Chappell 165, KD Walters 76, GS Sobers 4-97, LR Gibbs 4-139.

Finally Australia won the 5-Test series 3-1.

6. Aus v Eng (1st Test), Brisbane, 27-11-1970.

Aus 433 and 214

Eng 464 and 39/1


Australia’s 433 included scores of WM Lawry 4, KR Stackpole 207, IM Chappell 59, KD Walters 112, JA Snow 6-114, DL Underwood 3-101.

While this match was drawn, Snow had showed signs of his pace which was to prove decisive in England winning the 7-Test series 2-0. This included one Test at Melbourne which was abandoned and replaced by the first ODI.

7. Eng vs WI (1st Test), Port of Spain, 02-02-1974.

Eng 131 and 392

WI 392 and 132/3

WI won by 7 wickets.

In the 3rd innings (England’s 2nd) the 392 included scores of G Boycott 93, DL Amiss 174, MH Denness 44, FC Hayes 8, GS Sobers 3-54, LR Gibbs 6-108.

This also figured in collapses after 200+ for 2.

The 5-Test series was drawn 1-1, after the 5th Test was won by Tony Greig’s hitherto unrecognized off-spin which fetched 13 wickets.

8. WI vs Pak (1st Test), Port of Spain, 16-04-1993.

WI 127 and 382

Pak 140 and 165

WI won by 204 runs.

The 3rd innings (WI’s 2nd) of 392 included scores of DL Haynes 143* (carried bat), PV Simmons 22, RB Richardson 68, BC Lara 96, Wasim Akram 4-75, Waqar Younis 3-88).

WI still won after this reverse, and went on to win the 3-Test series 2-0.

9. WI vs NZ (1st Test), Hamiliton, 16-12-1999.

WI 365 and 97

NZ 393 and 70/1

NZ won by 9 wickets.

The first innings of 365 included scores of AFG Griffith 114, SL Campbell 170, D Ramnarine 8, S Chanderpaul 14, CL Cairns 3-23, DL Vettori 4-83.

It has also figured in one of the greatest collapses after the first wicket put on over 100 (276 to be precise).

New Zealand won the series 2-0.

10. Eng v WI (1st Test), Lord’s, 22-07-2004.

Eng 568 and 325/5 dec.

WI 416 and 267

Eng won by 210 runs.

The first innings of 568 included scores of ME Trescothick 4, AJ Strauss 137, RWT Key 221, MP Vaughan 103, PT Collins 4-113, DJ Bravo 3-74 on debut.

England went on to win the series 4-0.