Cornwall and Crapp

Rakheem Cornwall is the man of the moment-as he had good bowling figures as well as Man of the Match award in only his second Test. Many sports fans like large and bulky figures, as Dwayne Leverock and Jesse Ryder would testify.

Another point of interest is the surname Cornwall, which as we know is a rather remote part of England and one of the Minor Counties. A quick look at the pages of the Cornwall county club do not show any prominent name who played for it. At best we can find two 1-Test players, Shakil Ahmed (Pakistan 1998-99) and NV Williams (England 1990).

There appears to be only one Test player who was born in Cornwall. He played for Gloucestershire and even captained it. You may have heard of him and his (unusual) surname, as most of his Test career coincided with the last few Tests of Bradman in 1948.

He did make 3 fifties in his 7 Tests, and was considered to be responsible for winning a close Test against South Africa.

More on the etymology of crap and the better-known Thomas Crapper: