Quiz on old station names in India-1

Here we have a list of names of railway stations which were being used in timetables between the 1930s and 1970s.

Do you know the current names?

1. Begamabad

2.  Cambay

3.  Cannanore

4.  Chakki Bank

5.  Chicacole Road

6.  Chutiapara

7.  Contai Road

8.  Daman Road

9.  Ellis Bridge

10. Ellora Road

11. French Rocks

12. Futwah

13 Goya Gate

14 Hyderabad (MG)

15 Kankanadi

16 Kirkee

17 Kothapetta

18 Manipur Road

19 Margao

20 Mhow

The best effort is by Bharat Prashar, 18/20.

Answers are given below:

Old and new names-1

Chutiapara was associated with the Chutia tribe of Assam.

Ellis Bridge is a locality in Ahmedabad near the British-era bridge of that name. There is still a Vidhan Sabha constituency of that name.

Potul is between Manmad and Aurangabad.

Kothapetta became Sirpur Kagaznagar when a paper factory came up there. The station to the south was Sirpur which became Sirpur Town.

Manipur Road was listed as Dimapur Manipur Road in the 1960s before it became Dimapur.


2 thoughts on “Quiz on old station names in India-1

  1. 1. Begamabad Modinagar
    2. Cambay Khambhat
    3. Cannanore Kannur
    4. Chakki Bank Pathankot Cantt.
    5. Chicacole Road Srikakulam Road
    6. Chutiapara ????????
    7. Contai Road Belda
    8. Daman Road Vapi
    9. Ellis Bridge Gandhigram
    10. Ellora Road ????????
    11. French Rocks Pandavapura
    12. Futwah Fatuha
    13. Goya Gate Pratapnagar
    14. Hyderabad (MG) Kachiguda
    15. Kankanadi Kankanady
    16. Kirkee Khadki
    17. Kothapetta Sirpur Kagaznagar
    18. Manipur Road Dimapur
    19. Margao Madgaon
    20. Mhow Dr. Ambedkar Nagar


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