The Martin lines of old Calcutta-3 (Pictures of stations and trains)

We start with some pictures showing traces of the closed lines and some of the stations presently in use.

(Copyright of the pictures is that of the photographers, mainly Ashis Mitra).

Amta old

Old and new Amta.

Remnants of stations closed in 1971: Patihal, Panpur, Chanditala and Kalipur. The last one seems to be well-maintained.

Kalipur near Howrah


Pantihal appears to be the replacement of Patihal.

New Domjur and remnants of the old:

Domjur new
Domjur old

Old and new signs at Munshirhat. This is the new station on BG.

And finally-a little-known gallery of pictures of trains taken in the 1960s:

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2 thoughts on “The Martin lines of old Calcutta-3 (Pictures of stations and trains)

  1. HI, thank for your photos. here the 1st photo regarding water tank was originally clicked by me and posted on Facebook some years earlier. Also the signboard of old Domjur station, (now inside Domjur P.S.) was clicked and posted by me in Facebook.

    The old signboard of Munsirhat was not the original NG signboard. It was a new signboard opened in 2000, but the bigger is the latest.


    • Thanks. I had got these pictures from Facebook some years ago and did not remember who had taken them. I have acknowledged your contribution in the beginning.


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