More recent name changes in Uttar Pradesh

Earlier we have dealt with the renaming of Allahabad Jn and nearby changes to reflect the old name of Prayagraj. There are a number of other name changes in UP over the last couple of years. Some are well known and others have been hardly mentioned in the media.

The most well known change was this:

Mughal Sarai

New Mughalsarai (DDU)

As in the case of Allahabad/Prayagraj, there was a long gap between the announcement of the change and its actual implementation. So a number of photoshopped pictures appeared in the local media, like this:

DDU @ MGS fake pic

As we know, Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya was found dead near this station in 1968. The circumstances of his death have never been satisfactorily explained, and may well become a never-ending mystery like the deaths of Subhash Chandra Bose and Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Other changes which attracted less attention:

Farah Town (between Mathura and Agra Cantt) became Deen Dayal Dham – as Panditji was born in that area.

Panki (near Kanpur) became Panki Dham:

Robertsganj became Sonebhadra (which is the name of the district):

Chanehti became Bareilly Cantt:

And someone will have to decide which of these is correct, as the staff at the station (as well as the local authorities) in Bareilly do not seem to be sure:

It was indeed named after a British railway manager named Charles Izat, though somehow it morphed into Izzat over the years. Interestingly, both names are seen on signs in the locality.

One thought on “More recent name changes in Uttar Pradesh

  1. Mughalsarai was a historic carevanserai established by the Mughals long back on the tip of the ganges just before Kashi and it was the border between the Mughal Raj and its sultanates in Bihar and Bengal. Maybe tolls also were collected. Today it is the meeting place of ER (now WCR) and NR and the entire traffic from the East enters the Northern Plains. That is why Asia’s largest marshalling yard was built there as the entire coal traffic and foodgrain movement used to be monitored from here.
    It is unfortunate that the current regime has renamed this place in honour of a non entity leader who happened to be one of the founder members of the rabble rousers. I bet, that this place will be reverted back to its old name like Allahabad.


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