Pranabda and the Railways

Pranab Mukherjee (1935-2020) held many posts in various governments but never had any direct connection with the railways. This looks at how things have improved (?) in his hometown.

He was born and brought up at Mirati village in Birbhum district. This is a few km from Kirnahar station.

This was on the Ahmadpur-Katwa Light Railway, then run by McLeod and Co. They also ran the Burdwan-Katwa Light Railway besides a few other narrow gauge lines.

Basic details here and here

Ahmadpur’s broad gauge station has its place in history because of Okhil Chandra Sen and the jackfruit letter, although it is doubtful that it was a genuine letter.

In 1935, Kirnahar was served by 3 pairs of trains per day. By 1966 it was taken over by the Eastern Railway along with its “twin”, the Burdwan-Katwa Light Railway.

Before its closure for conversion in 2013, Kirnahar was served by 3 pairs of trains per day. Unlike the steam-hauled trains of the past, they were lightweight 3-coach rail buses:

When the line was reopened in 2018, it was not electrified like the Burdwan-Katwa line. There is now only one pair of diesel-hauled trains in a day:

Not sure if this is progress for the passengers here.

Pranabda was never elected as a legislator from this area. He was mainly in the Rajya Sabha (upper house), but did serve two terms in the Lok Sabha from Jangipur, some distance away.

Meanwhile, Birbhum is represented by a lady named Satabdi Ray, though she does not have any connection to the railways either (except her name).

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