Matching station names: India and distant countries

A few examples of stations with the same names in India and distant countries:

Wellington in India, and the capital of New Zealand:

Salem in India and in Oregon, USA. Could not get a suitable picture for Salem in MA.

Riga in Bihar and the capital of Latvia:

Riga is covered in more detail here:

This is not exhaustive but just a few samples. For instance, there is Runneymede station in the Nilgiris which has counterparts in Britain and other Commonwealth countries*.

There are more examples from India and neigboring countries.

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  1. The following may be of interest, though I’m afraid I don’t have a photo to offer.

    KHANDALLAH station, Wellington-Johnsonville branch, North Island, New Zealand.Khandallah is named after Khandela, Rajasthan, and supposedly means “Resting place of God”.   The likely originator of the suburb’s name was Edward Battersby who was listed in the 1864-1865 Province of Wellington electoral roll as living at Khandallah, Porirua Road on 23 April 1864.   He had worked for the East India Company as a veterinary surgeon in the Bombay Light Cavalry. Other suburbs in the province have place names connected with the Indian subcontinent, including SIMLA CRESCENT, also a station on the Johnsonville line.

    (information from Wikipedia, collated by Nick Lera)

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