Fielding records of Test captains-August 2020

There are unlikely to be any Test matches for a few months. So it is time to catch up with statistical details which are not readily available to to the average cricket follower.

Today we have fielding records for captains. These figures are correct on Aug 31 2020 and do not include the ICC XI v Aus Test of 2005. This list includes some wicket keepers, although few of this category had extended runs as captains. Most dismissals-30 or more:

While this list is headed by keeper MS Dhoni with 211 dismissals the next 4 are non-keepers. TD Paine and FCM Alexander are the next among keepers.

Current and recent players here include Paine, SPD Smith, Mushfiqur and Root.

From India there are Dhoni followed by Kohli and Azharuddin by a distance. Others are Gavaskar, Ganguly and Dravid.

The most stumpings are 24 by Dhoni, followed by 16 by Sherwell from over a century ago. All his 13 Tests were as captain. However, Andy Flower took 56 catches as keeper and no stumpings.

Among non-keepers, the most catches are 152 and 132 by GC Smith and Fleming respectively. They are followed by 3 Australians Border, Ponting and MA Taylor.

Some had played some Tests as keepers and some as non-keepers, such as Andy Flower and Alec Stewart.

Now we consider the most dismissals in an innings (5 and more):

Only Rashid Latif and Dhoni have 6 dismissals in an innings. The non-keepers with 5 catches include VY Richardson, SP Fleming, GC Smith, DJ Sammy and SPD Smith. They all share the world record of 5 catches in an inning by non-keepers.

Most dismissals in a match (7 or more):

The much-maligned Sarfaraz Ahmed heads this list with 10 dismissals, followed by Dhoni (9). This was in Dhoni’s last Test as captain.

The record for non-keepers here is 7 catches by Fleming. This was a share in the world record at that time, though the record is now 8 by AM Rahane.

Note that Dhoni appears 6 times in this table.

Finally we look at the

Dismissals/innings for those who fielded in a minimum of 20 innings:

Somewhat surprisingly, this list is headed by Paine followed by Sarfaraz and Alexander. Among non-keepers, the highest rate is by SPD Smith, followed by Sammy and Chapman.

Among current and recent players there are Paine, Sarfaraz, SPD Smith and Mushfiqur.

Among Indian players there are Dhoni and Dravid.

Finally we will look at all-round performances by captains.