Covid: India (sort of) overtakes the US

First take a look at this:

Here we can see that on the night of October 9, India has about 900,000 less cases than the US.

But as India has a faster growth of cases than the US, it will soon catch up, probably in November. Or maybe not, as the growth rate for India seems to be slowing down faster than the growth rate for the US.

But the growth of cases can be portrayed in different ways. In at least one of these, India HAS overtaken the US and Brazil and is clearly #1.

Click on this and look at the first graph:

Here is a screenshot of this on the night of October 9:

Unlike the usual graphs of cumulative cases, this one has the x-axis for the number of days since the country recorded its 10,000th case.

You can see that the blue line (for India) has already crossed the green line (for the US). The brown line for Brazil was crossed some time ago.

Now check the live graph using the link above.

It can be seen that on October 8:

India is on day 178 and 6.908 million cases

The US is on day 204 with 7.834 M cases.

But when it was on day 178, it had 6.719 million cases.

Thus, on day 178, India had 6.908 M-6.719 M = 189,000 cases MORE than the US.

Similarly, Brazil is now on day 187. On day 178, it had 4.780 million cases.

India is thus 6.908 M-4.780 M = 2.128 million cases ahead of Brazil.

So we need not wait for November to proclaim ourselves #1.

We are already there.

2 thoughts on “Covid: India (sort of) overtakes the US

  1. It would be more informative I think to use case numbers in the normalized form, i.e. per 100K population or something like that. It gives a better information about the intensity of the pandemic in an area, than just the absolute numbers.


  2. That information is readily available on Worldometers and similar sites. Last I checked, India is around 80th out of 216 geographical units.


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