Covid: Where India is better off

You would have heard of the phrase “There are lies. There are damned lies. And then there are statistics.”

So it is for the numbers pertaining to the Covid pandemic. You can show that India is (in some respects) worse off than even the US and Brazil.

However, it is also true that the per capita case rate and death rate are relatively low, but not among the lowest in the world.

This information is taken from , notably from the columns “Total cases per 1 M population” and “Deaths per 1 M population”. These columns can be sorted as in an ordinary spreadsheet.

These are the figures on the evening of 10-10-2020.

First we sort the cases column.

The top 5 are:

  1. Qatar 45500 Pop 2.8M
  2. Bahrain 43800 1.7
  3. Aruba* 39100 <1
  4. Andorra 34800 <1
  5. French Guiana*33700 <1
  • = not an independent country.

The global average is 4800/million

India is ranked 80 out of 216 countries/territories with 5100/million

At the bottom, there are Laos and the Solomon Islands with 3/million. And a few other countries ranging from Nauru to North Korea with zero.

Conclusion here: Globally 0.48% or 1 in 208 persons have been infected.

In India it is 0.51% or 1 in 196, which is slightly above the global average, but far below a small but prosperous country like Qatar with 4.55% or 1 in 22.

Now we look at the deaths column.

The top 5 are

  1. San Marino 1237 Pop < 1 M
  2. Peru 1004 33.1
  3. Belgium 877 11.6
  4. Andorra 712 < 1
  5. Bolivia 708 11.7

The global average is 138.3 per million

India is ranked 82 out of 216 countries with 78/million

There are numerous countries with zero deaths. Apart from our old friends such as Nauru and North Korea, there are a number of countries which have had cases but zero deaths. The largest are Cambodia (pop 16.8M) and its neighbor Laos (7.3)

Conclusion here: Globally 0.0138% have died, or 1 in 7230.

India has 0.0078% or 1 in 12820 which is considerably better. And much better than small and very prosperous countries like San Marino with 0.1237% or 1 in 808.