They never saw losses

We have seen that 167 players played at least 5 Tests each and never saw their team winning.

Similarly, there are 68 players who never saw their team losing.

Here are those who played 8 or more Tests:

The “topper” here is one who is not well known even in his own country:

Rajesh Chauhan is somewhat like Eldine Baptiste, as he was often the third spinner at a time when India was difficult at home. Kumble and Raju usually took the bulk of the wickets, supplemented by Srinath and the fading Kapil. His best was 4-48 and 7 wickets in a match, which are a little better than that of Baptiste. However, he was not much of a batsman.

He is followed by Colin McCool (14), Sam Loxton (12) and Ernie Toshack (12), who can be considered as fringe players of Bradman’s greats of 1948. Toshack would be more familiar to Indian cricket followers with his figures of 5-2 and 6-29 in the same match in 1947-48.

He would have played more Tests if Australia did not have the strong combination of Lindwall, Miller and Johnston.

Chauhan is the most recent player in the above table, playing his last Test in 1998. Then there is SA’s BN Schulz who finished in 1997.

It appears that maintaining an no-loss record has become more difficult in recent years.

Going further down we have Aizaz Cheema (7 Tests up to 2012) followed by KK Nair (6 up to 2017).

For India, after Chauhan (21) there is KK Nair (6).

Also the all-win group led by Baptiste (10) and the all-draw group including Gadkari (6) and Punjabi (5).