Covid update-a comparison of active cases in different countries

From the Worldometers site

we can get various sets of data as well of graphs. Today we look at the graphs of “active cases” which give an idea of how the cases are being tackled in various countries.

By removing deaths and recoveries from total cases, we get “currently infected cases” or “active cases” (cases still awaiting for an outcome).

There are some loose ends here, such as:

1) Definitions of recovery vary from country to country.

2) Some major countries (UK, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden) do not provide this figure, so the graphs cannot be plotted.

3) In some countries (especially those which have been undemocratic for a long time) all the figures are suspect.

First, we look at a sample of graphs from countries which appear to be controlling the spread of Covid effectively.

New Zealand:




You can see that active cases have risen and then fallen to almost zero rapidly. Strangely, one of the best graphs is that of


Now let us see example where the spread has been partly contained:




Now we look at places which are still badly affected, and those which have lapsed after initial success:




And finally, the global figure:

Which also shows a failure at the worldwide level. It can be shown that the rise in global figures is largely being driven by the European countries including Russia.

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  1. Count the US out from providing any reasonable and trustworthy numbers on current cases. They do not consistently collect that data, so consider it just partly made up nonsense.


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