Summary of odd achievements in Tests

A quick summary of odd achievements in Tests which were covered in the last few Tests:

Only wins:

EAE Baptiste (10)

From India: none who played 5 or more Tests.

Current: KA Jamieson (6)

No wins:

B Sutcliffe (42)

India: BK Kunderan (18)

Current: Taskin Ahmed (7), MD Shanaka (6)

Only losses:

Alok Kapali (17)

India: none with 5 or more Tests

Current: none

No losses:

RK Chauhan (21)

India: as above

Current: KA Jamieson (6), Mohammed Siraj (5)

Only draws:

CV Gadkari (6) and Shafiq Ahmed (6)

India: CV Gadkari (6) and PH Punjabi (5)

Current: none

No draws:

AL Markram (24)

India: HH Pandya (11)

Current: AL Markram (24), KK Jennings (19), S. Hetmyer (16)