India at the Olympics-over the years

At the 2021 Olympics, India won a total of 7 medals (1 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze).

There are different ways of ranking countries at a particular Olympics.

In the traditional way, first the # of Golds are taken, followed by the # of Silvers and finally the # of Bronzes.

That way, India is 48th. A total of 93 countries won at least one medal. India is between Romania and Venezuela (both #46) and Hong Kong (China) at #49. This puts India around the median of the countries which won at least one medal.

If you take the number of medals, India is at #33 along with Iran, Belgium, Belarus, Austria and Azerbaijan.

The final table is here:

Looking at India’s performance over the years (starting in 1900, then from 1920 onwards):

Ranked in the traditional manner:

Ranked by the number of medals:

While 2021 is the best by either criteria, the rankings from #2 downward are different.

While the two silvers in 1900 are recorded in the IOC official record, some in India feel that they should not be.

Read more about this here: