Lowest Test scores against and in India

Still more records, but uncomplimentary ones.

Lowest totals AGAINST India:

New Zealand’s total of 62 at Mumbai is the lowest Test total against India.

The previous record was 79 by South Africa at Nagpur in 2015.

The previous lowest by NZ against India is 94 at Hamilton in 2002.

Also, the lowest total against India outside India is 83 by Australia at Melbourne in 1981. That was the first time any team was dismissed under 100 against India.

Lowest totals IN India:

New Zealand’s 62 is also the lowest Test total IN India.

The previous lowest was 75 by India against the West Indies at Delhi in 1987.

The previous lowest by NZ in India was 124 at Hyderabad in 1988. However, they have made lower scores (such as 94 and 100) in their own country, as you can see in the first table.

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