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Kenneth Anderson, a British man who lived in India, was a prolific writer about hunting and the jungles of South India. His books remain popular. You can refresh your memory here:

His stories often include references to train journeys and hunting near railway stations. While he normally lived in Bangalore, he often traveled to distant parts of the present states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

There are several mentions of spending time at Renigunta between trains.

One story involves hunting a man-eater on a hill (Yelagiri?) to the east of Jalarpet (now Jolarpettai). He mentions having a good view of the station and surroundings, even mentioning that he saw the Madras-Cochin Express entering the station at the middle of the night. (This train started running once the line to Cochin was completed in mid-1940).

Another story deals with a predator who killed a railway employee who went to light the signal lamps at Mamandur, the first station to the north of Renigunta. This is what it looks like now:

In some cases, names of stations have changed over the years.

One section of railway received a lot of attention from him, between the towns of Nandyal and Giddalur in the present state of Andhra Pradesh. In particular, he hunted predators in the remote areas surrounding the (then) stations of Gazulapalli, Basavapuram, Chelama, Bogada and Diguvametta. This was then a metre gauge line, but was converted to broad gauge in recent years. The alignment was changed considerably. The only stations you will see now are Gazulapalli, Chelama and Diguvametta. And the present station of Chelama is at a considerable distance to the south of the older station of that name.

This section deserves a separate post, which will follow shortly.

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  1. The hills to the east of Jolarpettai are the well-known “Yelagiri Hills”, after which the Jolarpettai-Chennai
    train is named.


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