More on the Neral-Matheran line

It is hoped that the full route of the Neral-Matheran line will reopen soon. Some general notes:

This route has been listed on timetables of the GIPR and then CR, but the intermediate stations were never mentioned. But they are listed in the RBS:

These are the actual distances.

Also note this:

These are the chargeable distances, which are 6 times the actual distance. Probably this is the maximum inflation on any line in India.

Once this line is reopened for traffic, it will be one of the only two lines on 2-ft gauge (0.610 M) running in India. The other is, of course, the Darjeeling line. The last of the 2-ft gauge narrow gauge lines radiating out from Gwalior is now closed for conversion.

Pictures along the line: