The Karaimadai accident of 1893

Karaimadai is the station before Mettupalaiyam on the line from Coimbatore. At the time of this accident, this section was on the Madras Railway. It later became part of the South Indian Railway and then the Southern Railway.

The derailment of the Madras-Mettupalaiyam passenger on 9 Nov 1893 described below resulted in the deaths of 44 persons and injuries to 47. It was one of the most serious accidents on the Indian railways in the 19th century. Possibly it was the worst, as casualty figures for some earlier disasters are not accurately known.

A couple of pictures taken by a British officer who was serving on the Nilgiri railway:

The handwriting is a bit difficult to decipher, but can be read with some effort. The locomotive appears to be NA1 no 77. This was an 0-6-0 built by Neilson & Co, Glasgow.

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  1. Hi Ajai, thank you. This is a case where Railways suffered and many passengers died. You may recall that during the 19th century, Railways were frequently blamed for causing floods during rains since many embankments functioned like dams. Many private railways had also blocked culverts & drains that facilitated floods, causing widespread damage to agriculture and inhabited rural areas.

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