Timetables from the past: 1886 and 1917

Today we have a couple of extracts from “Railways of the Raj” by Michael Satow (1980) and other titbits.

Random extracts from the Bradshaw of January 1886:

Some points to note:

Changed names:

Saiyan = Jajau

Morar Road = Birla Nagar

Umballa = Ambala

Also note that Warora was a terminus for a long time-the line was not extended to Balharshah until 1908. The last link in the Delhi-Madras route (and the Golden Quad) between Balharshah and Asifabad Road was opened in November 1928.

In the history books you may have come across the Montagu-Chelmsford reforms. Here we see details of the special train which carried the Viceroy Baron Chelmsford and the Secretary of State for India (Montagu) in 1917:

Note the large number of honours which had been bestowed on them. They were nicely spoofed in an episode of “Yes, Minister”:

In the satirical British television programme Yes MinisterJim Hacker MP is told a joke[12] by his Private Secretary, Bernard Woolley, about what the various post-nominals stand for. From Season 2, Episode 2 “Doing the Honours”:

Woolley: In the [civil] service, CMG stands for “Call Me God”. And KCMG for “Kindly Call Me God”.
Hacker: What does GCMG stand for?
Woolley (deadpan): “God Calls Me God”.

6 thoughts on “Timetables from the past: 1886 and 1917

  1. Very entertaining,
    Thank you!
    The status of the exalted prsianges at the top of the tree is well reflected.
    May I suggest that Montagu MP PC, being a mere ‘Rt Honourable’, was a kind of posh babu, a Menial Person in charge of Paper Clips?

    Seriously, though, the TTs are great. Does the Patiala State Monorail form part of the Patiala timetable?
    Best regards

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    • Another query. If you do have a working timetable of Quetta division, I would be interested in seeing the Quetta-Zahidan section. There seem to have been many stations which existed for short periods, but may be listed in the WTT.


      • Dear Ajai,Herewith the WTT you requested. I trust you find them useful.Note, even in 1998 they were still listing the complete Khyber Railway to Landi Khana!



      • Did you get the Zahedan TTs I sent you? I don’t see how to send attachments in the reply format in WordPress, so I sent them with a normal mail, hopefully to the right address.
        I scanned them specially for you and would like to know they arrived. Also, that members of PR Group would have access if they’re interested.
        Kindly acknowledge receipt.


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