Nobel Prizes 2022-an oddity

As you would have read, Svante Paabo of Sweden was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 2022.

There are numerous examples of related Nobel laureates (spouses, children and siblings). But his case is a little peculiar.

It has been mentioned that his father Sune Bergstrom was also awarded the same Nobel Prize along with two others in 1982. However, Svante was born out of wedlock and was brought up by his mother, an Estonian chemist named Karin Paabo.

Sune Bergstrom also had a son named Rurik with his wife. Both sons were born in 1955. Apparently Rurik did not know of Svante’s existence until around 2004.

Sune died in 2004, so he did not see his “other” son winning the award.