Most and least draws in Test matches

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Now for the third phase where we look at players who saw the most and least draws in their Test careers, for those who played in at least 5 Tests. These are for all Tests up to 30 Sep 2022 (except the ICC XI v Aus Test of 2005). A total of 1888 players have played in 5 or more Tests apiece,

It is easy enough to see who have seen the most draws. That is given in the next table. Naturally, this depends on how many Tests the player got to play in.

Headed by Kapil Dev (76) and Tendulkar (72) who are among the most capped Indian players. The first 4 names are from India, until Javed Miandad (62) takes 5th place.

There are no contemporary players here, the most recent being S Chanderpaul (48) who retired from Tests in 2015.

As mentioned above, the most by an Indian player is 76 by Kapil Dev.

These are those who have seen draws in all of their Tests.

That is a rather short list:

2 players, Gadkari of India and Shafiq Ahmed of Pakistan were unfortunate to see draws in each of their 6 Tests. Next there are one New Zealander, one Zimbabwean and another Indian with draws in each of their 5 Tests. All of PH Punjabi’s Tests came in an India-Pakistan series in 1954-55. (Also he was not born in Punjab but from faraway Karachi).

The record of 18 no-draws in 18 Tests was held by the 19th-century English bowler GA Lohmann for a long time. He had 15 wins and 3 losses.

This is the table for the most Tests (10 or more) without seeing a draw. As many as 121 players with more than 5 Tests qualify here:

In case Markram encounters a drawn Test now, he loses his record which will go back to Lohmann with 18.

Note the presence of Alok Kapali (all losses in 17 Tests) and E Baptiste (all wins in 10).

A quick summary of this and other connected posts will appear shortly.