Cricket at the bottom

Here we look at the teams with the lowest rankings in various formats.

Tests: Zimbabwe is in 10th place with Bangladesh above. Ireland and Afghanistan are not ranked as they have not played enough Tests.

ODIs: Papua New Guinea is in 20th place, with Nepal above.

T20Is: Turkiye, Thailand, Eswatini, Seychelles, Estonia and Cameroon all have zero points and are ranked between 79 and 84. Eswatini and Estonia have played the most matches, so we may consider them at the bottom. Estonia is the only ex-Soviet Union country which plays international cricket.

Women’s Tests: No rankings as very few matches are played.

Women’s ODIs: Zimbabwe in 11th place, with Ireland above it.

Women’s T20Is: Eswatini, Singapore, Norway and Peru all have zero points and are ranked between 50 and 53. Singapore has played the most matches, and thus can be considered to be the bottom team.

Special note: China and Russia are not seen in these rankings. But some former Communist countries such as Bulgaria and Romania are there along with Estonia.

Based on as on Nov 28.