Delhi to Lucknow by Metre Gauge in 1976

It was possible to travel by metre gauge all the way from Delhi to Lucknow in 1976 and for many years after that. This the route via Rewari and Achnera:

Delhi Jn

5 Delhi Serai Rohilla

15 Delhi Cantt

32 Gurgaon

83 Rewari (end of NR)

157 Alwar

217 Bandikui

314 Bharatpur

342 Achnera (end of WR)

377 Mathura Jn

428 Hathras Road

482 Kasganj

590 Farukhabad

595 Fatehgarh

727 Kanpur Anwarganj

730 Kanpur Central

733 Kanpur Anwarganj

750 Unnao

821 Lucknow (NER)

The BG distance from Delhi Jn to Lucknow by broad gauge was then 509 km via Kanpur and 487 km via Moradabad.

By metre gauge, there was an Agra Fort-Lucknow Express which joined this route at Achnera. For a short time in the mid-1970s, the metre gauge Vaishali Express ran from Agra Fort to Siliguri via Kanpur and Lucknow.

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