More on wicketkeeper-captains

You would have already seen this summary of wicketkeeper – captains:

We take a further look at their performance. Logically, we start with their dismissal rate (for a minimum of 20 innings fielded):

WK captain-fielding

Surprisingly, the just-deposed Sarfaraz Ahmed has the best performance here, just ahead of Stewart. His countryman Moin Khan and Mushfiqur are at the bottom, while the longest-serving Dhoni is in the middle here. Sherwell’s figures are for his entire Test career.

Now for batting averages (for a minimum of 20 innings batted):

WK captain-batting

Here, Andy Flower has the highest average followed by Mushfiqur and Dhoni. These figures are for the entire Test careers of Sherwell and Germon.

Finally, we look at their performance as captains using the W/L ratio (for a minimum of 10 Tests):

WK captain-result

While Moin Khan had the worst performance as a keeper, he turns out to be the leader here followed by Alexander. Alexander’s tied Test is included in the draws. Taibu and Khaled Mashud failed to win any Tests, with Andy Flower and Germon only slightly better.


Wicket-keepers who captained in Tests (Revised in Sep 2019)

Australia’s Tim Paine became the latest of the relatively few wicket-keepers to have captained in a Test. Here is the full list (as on 30 Sep 2019):

Wicketkeeper captains-Sep 2019

Relatively few keepers have had extended runs as captains. However the top two on this list are current players, even though MS Dhoni retired from Tests a few years ago and from the captaincy of ODIs and T20Is more recently.

There are some like Gilchrist, Boucher and Jacobs who captained only when the regular captain was temporarily unavailable. Some, like DL Murray and IDS Smith, had long Test careers but captained their side in precisely one Test.

The current WK-captains are TD Paine (14) and Sarfaraz Ahmed (13). The latter was replaced in October 2019.

It remains to be seen how long Paine continues as captain. But he should be around for a few more Tests.

The highest batting average for long-term captains is Andy Flower’s 49.28, followed by Mushfiqur and Dhoni in the low 40s.

Dhoni has the most dismissals, followed by Alexander and Mushfiqur at a long distance.

Lee Germon is a special case as he captained his side in all his 12 Tests. He is the only player from an established side to have captained in a Test on his debut in recent years. The last before him was Tony Lewis in 1972. (Obviously we do not count Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Ireland, Afghanistan and the returning South Africa).

Germon is second on the list of those who captained their side in all their Tests. The leader was also a keeper:

Long ago PM Sherwell led South Africa in all his 13 Tests, a record for all countries. He was keeper in all these 13 Tests.

A few such as AJ Stewart played numerous Tests as keeper and non-keeper. The above list only includes the Tests where he was keeper. He also opened the batting in some of these matches. He captained England a total of 15 times, 12 as keeper and 3 as non-keeper. BB McCullum captained New Zealand 31 times, but was keeper in only 1 of them.

Other examples include KC Sangakkara (captained in 15 Tests, never as a keeper), AB de Villiers (captained in 3 Tests, none as keeper), R Dravid (25 Tests, none as keeper) and LD Chandimal (captained in 10 Tests, none as keeper). But they have captained in ODIs and T20Is as keepers. More about these later.

Note that Taibu somehow took one catch as a fielder when he temporarily relinquished his keeping duties.