Crossing 100,000 views

Today marks a small landmark in this blog’s history as it crossed 100,000 views. It has taken 3 years and 4 months to reach this figure. Thanks to all the viewers (especially the regulars) for helping to reach this landmark.

A quick summary of the views at this point:

Top 10 countries by number of views:

  1. India
  2. USA
  3. UK
  4. Australia
  5. Pakistan
  6. Bangladesh
  7. Singapore
  8. Canada
  9. UAE
  10. Germany

Top 5 posts by number of views:

  1. Longest non-stop flights in India and elsewhere
  2. The shortest flights in India and elsewhere
  3. The northernmost points of India (Revised June 2017)
  4. The forgotten electric locomotives of Pakistan
  5. Where is Barahoti?

Thanks again!

Footnote: I know precisely one person in each of Brunei, Brazil and Spain so whenever a view comes from there I know who it is.






One year of this blog-some figures

After one year of this blog is over on December 4, 2015 it is interesting to look back at some of the statistical data which WordPress collects. This data is normally available only to the blog creator, but it may be of some interest to my regular readers.

In this one year there have been 170 blogposts (excluding this one), 17,841 views and 11,289 viewers.

That works out to approximately 0.5 posts, 49 views and 31 viewers every day.

Here are the most popular posts (i.e. the ones with the most viewers):

Blog-1 year subject

Next to the “Home Pages/Archives” which accounts for 28.1 % of the views, the most popular post is “Famous Indian trains of the past and what happened to them (Part 1)” which accounted for 442 views or about 2.5 % of all views in the year. In general the posts connected to the Indian railways seem to have been most popular, and a few about cricket and aviation have also been popular. The last one seen here is “More from the border from hell-1” which deals with the Indo-Bangladesh border at Hili – this accounted for 158 views or about 0.9 % of the total. All the posts which accounted for over 1 percent of views (178.41 and above) are listed above. You might like to read them now if you missed them earlier.

The most unpopular posts with the least views are “Onwards to the World T20 championship”- 5 views and “Billy Joel meets the dotcom bust”- also 5 views.

What may also be of interest is the country-wise breakup; although with VPNs and the like this data may not reflect the true locations of the readers. Here it is complete with a world map:

Blog-1 year country

The Indian total of almost 9600 accounts for 53.3 % of total views, followed by the US with almost 5000 (28.0 %) and the UK with just over 600 (3.4 %). Then we have other predominantly English-speaking countries, though Spain has shown a surge in the past few months. The UAE has just over 1%.

It would be interesting to know whether the readers in (say) Spain, Germany, France and Switzerland are from the Indian diaspora or “original” residents of these countries.

The countries which contributed exactly one view each (about 0.006% each) include Bulgaria, Vietnam, Montenegro, Kenya and Lithuania as well as a few tiny countries/territories such as the Bahamas, the Comoros, St Maarten, Reunion and St. Kitts & Nevis (perhaps the global equivalents of Jhumritilaiya)