KL Rahul’s short-lived record

For a short time between the second and third Tests in the current series, KL Rahul shared an obscure Test record with Ravi Bopara-they were the only batsmen to make 3 Test centuries with no fifty (i.e. no score between 50 and 99). As Rahul got out on 50, the record now goes back to Bopara. More details in my earlier post: https://wordpress.com/post/abn397.wordpress.com/2052

As we see, there are numerous players who scored one century and no fifty (including Agarkar and Ratra from India in recent years). A small number made two centuries and no fifties.

No one has scored 4 or more centuries with no fifties. The least number of fifties for the 4-century men is 3, shared by several including Shikhar  Dhawan, Kambli and  current players Dean Elgar and Usman Khawaja:

Four centuries

There is another statistical quirk which shows up whenever someone makes 163 or more runs on his debut (including both innings). The long-term record for the most runs in an one-Test career belongs to RE Redmond who made 107 + 56 = 163 in early 1973. Since then, over 20 players had scored over 163 runs on their debut and this held the record for the most runs in an one-test career (but only until they played their second Test). Another Kiwi JD Neesham was the last to hold this record, making 33 and 137* (170) on his debut against India in early 2014. But he soon played more Tests. Before that there was Rohit Sharma with 177 and Shikhar Dhawan with 187. Here is a list of the temporary record-holders who equalled or bettered Redmond’s record since 1973:

Redmond record

A few of these players, notably those from Pakistan, vanished from the scene almost as quickly as the hapless Rodney Redmond did. At least he had the satisfaction of seeing his son Aaron play 8 Tests, with two fifties and a top score of 81.

Summary statistics of T20 2016 World Championship


For 2016 alone:


For all matches in this World Championship since 2007:


Those who are familiar with Statsguru should be able to extract various parameters such as total runs, batting averages, strike rates etc. from the output of these links.

Centuries without fifties in Test career

There are players like CPS Chauhan, KD Mackay and SK Warne who have made many Test fifties (16, 13 and 12 respectively) but were not able to reach three figures in their fairly long careers. There were some like C Vaas and A Kumble who did make one century towards the end of their careers. Here we consider the opposite case-of those who scored centuries but no scores between 50 and 99.

There are as many as 47 who scored one century but no fifty. A few are current players. A surprisingly large number had scored centuries on their debut. These include B Kuruppu, who scored a double century on debut. However the highest individual score in this list is D Lloyd’s 214*.


Other famous instances here include those of C Bannerman (165* in the first ever Test) and AG Ganteaume (century in his only innings). RE Redmond is not here as he made a fifty in the second innings.

Among current players we have A Lyth, KL Rahul, Sohag Gazi, S van Zyl and AC Voges who should soon get off this list.

There are some cases where this Test century was their only first-class century, such as CC Depeiaza.

Next we look at those who scored two centuries but no fifties. This list is considerably shorter.


H Graham scored a century on debut, while Wasti scored both his centuries in the same Test.

And there is only one who has scored three centuries without fifties. He can be called a current player but is probably not going to play in Tests again.