They only saw wins in Tests

Updated on May 15, 2021

Here we look at the small number of Test players who saw only victories in their Test careers. As you may guess, this is a short list with only 5 names (who played 5 or more Tests).

Only wins:

The only new entrant here is KA Jamieson with 6 wins out of 6. Other recent players who were briefly on this list after 5 or more Tests include Imran Khan (Jr) and Sam Curran.

It goes without saying that a record like this is more due to being in the right place at the right time rather than the player’s merit.

Above 75% wins:

This is the full list of 36 players who had a win percentage of over 75% after a minimum of 5 Tests.

The highest from India is 5/6 by KK Nair, followed by newcomer Mohammed Siraj with 4/5.

Jamieson, Blundell and Siraj are the only current players here, since KK Nair seems to be unlikely to play for India again. Perhaps TD Astle will add to his 5 Tests for New Zealand.

AC Gilchrist is the only one with over 30 Tests. And the only others with over 20 Tests are Australians from around the same period.

Highlights of the NZ-Pak Test series

Yes, it was a historic series as NZ is Test #1 (probably) for the first time since the rankings were started.

Apart from that:

KS Williamson’s 238 at Christchurch is the highest for NZ against Pakistan, surpassing the 204* by MS Sinclair also at Christchurch in 2000-01.

He also becomes the first to score 238 (or 238*) in a Test. There are a number of lower scores such as 140*, 180*, 181* and 229/229* which have never been made.

KA Jamieson’s 6-48 at Christchurch is not an innings record for NZ v Pakistan.

However, his match bowling figures of 11-117 in the same Test are indeed a record for NZ against Pakistan. The previous best was 11-152 by C Pringle at Faisalabad in 1990-91.

The previous best match figures for NZ in NZ were 9-70 by FJ Cameron at Auckland in 1964-65.

Also left behind is the neutral venue record for NZ by MD Craig of 10-203 at Sharjah in 2014-15.