They never saw victories in Tests-updated to October 2017

Note: Data as of 15 October 2017

So far we have taken up the cases of those who saw only victories, only defeats and only draws in careers of 5 or more Tests. We now continue with the converse records, starting with those who never saw victories.

There are as many as 169 Test players in this category. Here we list those who played in 12 or more Tests:

No victory

The “topper” Bert Sutcliffe is quite unexpected, as he was New Zealand’s leading batsman and was sometimes considered as the best left-handed batsman in international cricket in his time. He had, of course, the disadvantage of being in a weak team. During his career New Zealand won its first 3 Tests but somehow he missed all of them.

Next was Bryan Strang who was one of the leading opening bowlers of Zimbabwe in his time but also unlucky to miss their 5 Test wins during his career.

We also meet the luckless Alok Kapali with 17 losses out of 17. But some of the players above had fairly respectable Test careers if not in the same class as Sutcliffe. Of special note would be Bryan Strang, Kunderan, Masood, French and Charlie Davis. Going slightly beyond the 12-Test mark above, we also have Alan Melville (4 centuries in successive innings) and Vijay Merchant.

Current players with no wins include some members of the Zimbabwe team presently playing a Test series against the West Indies. Maybe they will be able to break their no-win sequences.