Cricketer’s deaths in 2016

A bit late this time. This covers various people connected with cricket who passed away in the calendar year 2016. It includes all Test players and several other categories such as Test umpires, prominent journalists and administrators, prominent female cricketers and better-known domestic cricketers (mainly from India and England). Some subjectivity is involved here.

Cricketing deaths-2016

I had earlier done similar summaries for 2014 and 2015, which can be found elsewhere on this blog.


Cricket obituaries of 2015

Here we tabulate the prominent cricketers who passed away in 2015 with brief notes about some of them. All Test players are covered, as well as a few others who played ODIs or were prominent domestic players, Test umpires and administrators. Naturally,the choice of players here would be somewhat subjective depending on the compiler’s knowledge. Obits-2015

You can also see it here:

Obits-2015-1 (1)