Which PC? The computer, the cop or Piggy Chops?

Some phrases and acronyms have got so overused that it is sometimes difficult to understand what is being referred to. The most overused acronym is PC. The meaning you assign to it will differ depending your location, your age or your interests. Here we run through the alternatives:

1) The good old Personal Computer

2) (mainly US): Political Correctness

3) Programmable Controller (commonly used in industry)

4) (Canada): the Progressive Conservative party; once an important political party there: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progressive_Conservative_Party_of_Canada

5) (Britain): Police Constable (Enid Blyton fans would have fond memories of PC Goon).

6) (Indian media some years ago): When P. Chidambaram was considered to be a financial whiz kid, the Indian financial press referred to him as PC.

7) (Indian Railways until recently): Pantry Car, though in recent years many of them have been renamed as Hot Buffet Cars.

8) (India): Priyanka Chopra, earlier known fondly as Piggy Chops before the US discovered her.