More on Test nineties

Hope you have read the previous post about 99s.

Nineties in both innings:

90 both innings

Clem Hill was particularly fond of 90s as he scored 99 followed by 98 and 97 mentioned above.

Nineties on debut:

90 debut

While Chipperfield and Christiani later scored centuries, Asim Kamal finished with his 99 on debut as his top score. VH Stollmeyer made 96 in his only Test innings, which was unfortunately just before WW2 broke out. His younger brother Jeff Stollmeyer had a longer run and captained the West Indies.

Another point of interest is LJ Tancred’s 97 which was the highest score on debut by a South African-until Kepler Wessels scored a century on debut  for Australia in 1982-83. The first “genuine” century on debut by a South African was 163 by AC Hudson in the comeback Test against WI in 1991-92.

A number of famous names narrowly missed a century on debut. They include Redpath, Worrell, Ponting, Dravid, SP Fleming  and FS Jackson. Many lesser names scored a century on debut and did nothing much afterwards.

PA Gibb (93 and 106) and CG Greenidge (93 and 107) scored a 90 and 100 on debut.

Several players have made two 99s. The latest addition to this club was Misbah-ul-Haq.

If you take all scores between 90 and 99, the record of 10 is shared by Dravid, Tendulkar and Steve Waugh. Next is MJ Slater with 9, with de Villiers, Inzamam and Kallicharan with 8.

Test captains-quantitative studies (1)

It is T20 season, and the IPL juggernaut starts moving practically the day after the World Championship gets over and ends on May 29. In the mean time the break in Tests ends with the start of the England-Sri Lanka series in mid-May.

This gap makes it a good time to update some Test statistics, since we are now confident that they won’t need to be updated for a few weeks.

Here is a table of the wins, losses and draws of everyone who captained in at least 10 Tests:

Captaincy-all over 10 Tests

In this Excel sheet we have ranked the captains by

  1. Tests in decreasing order, then
  2. Wins in decreasing order, then
  3. Losses in increasing order, and then
  4. Draws in decreasing order.

There are also columns for percentages of wins, losses and draws as well as the win-loss ratio, for those who would like to play around further.

I am now giving a few more spreadsheets for some other indices of performance. Hereafter we are considering all Test captains, even if they have captained in only one Test.

Highest win-loss ratio:

Win-loss ratio

The first 50 positions are for those who have either zero wins or zero losses. The highest win-loss ratio is 9.0 for Jardine, followed by Bradman, Steve Waugh, Brearley and Chapman.

Highest win percentage:

Highest win percentage

There are as many as 16 captains who have an 100 percent win record-but none of them captained more than 4 Tests. This list is headed by the unlikely pair of Ali Bacher and Lord Hawke. Moving downwards, the highest for at least 5 Tests is Close (6 wins out of 7 or 85.71 %). For at least 10, it is Warwick Armstrong (8 on 10 or 80%) and for at least 50  it is Steve Waugh (41 on 57 or 71.93%)

To be continued.