More on wicketkeeper-captains

You would have already seen this summary of wicketkeeper – captains:

We take a further look at their performance. Logically, we start with their dismissal rate (for a minimum of 20 innings fielded):

WK captain-fielding

Surprisingly, the just-deposed Sarfaraz Ahmed has the best performance here, just ahead of Stewart. His countryman Moin Khan and Mushfiqur are at the bottom, while the longest-serving Dhoni is in the middle here. Sherwell’s figures are for his entire Test career.

Now for batting averages (for a minimum of 20 innings batted):

WK captain-batting

Here, Andy Flower has the highest average followed by Mushfiqur and Dhoni. These figures are for the entire Test careers of Sherwell and Germon.

Finally, we look at their performance as captains using the W/L ratio (for a minimum of 10 Tests):

WK captain-result

While Moin Khan had the worst performance as a keeper, he turns out to be the leader here followed by Alexander. Alexander’s tied Test is included in the draws. Taibu and Khaled Mashud failed to win any Tests, with Andy Flower and Germon only slightly better.