Tests in 2022-All-round records

For measuring all-round performance over the year, I normally consider 20 innings batted and 2000 balls bowled. No one qualifies for these. An alternative set of criteria include 10 innings/1000 balls/1 fifty+/1 4+wi.

Then we get:

Stokes has the best performance, followed by Ashwin and Jansen. His batting average is considerably better than that of the others, while his bowling is not so good. Still, we find that his overall all-round performance is the best.

Finally, we look at all-round match performances: 50+ and 5+wi in a match

/Here we see that Jadeja’s century and 5+wi are the best performances here. Next would be SA’s unsung KA Maharaj, who also crossed 1000 runs/100 wickets in this period.

Now we have compiled the best individual performances for the year. It remains to see the best performances by Test debutants and captains.

All-round feats in T20Is (Jul 2022)

Here we consider all instances of 40 runs and 4 wickets in a T20I. No one has taken 50/5wi in a T20I among major teams (those which play Tests and have or had ODI status).

Taking a look at all those who did the double of 40/4wi:

There are only 9 such instances, the last being Hardik Pandya’s 51/4-33 at Southampton on 7 Jul 2022.

The first to achieve this was DJ Bravo with 66* and 4/38 against India during the 2009 T20I World Cup.

It can be seen that Pandya’s figures are comparable to those of the best players here.

No other player from India makes this cut.

Jadeja’s all-round feat

Here is a list of all instances of a century and 5wi in a Test by Indian players.

Decide if Jadeja’s is the best such feat.

Of the 6 instances, 3 are by Ashwin.

Here is list of the alternative all-round feat of a fifty and 10wm by Indian players:

Here we see that Jadeja is one of only 2 Indian players to achieve this.

Summary of Test matches in 2021: All-round performances: Part 5

Hope you have seen the earlier sections such as https://abn397.wordpress.com/2022/01/06/summary-of-test-matches-in-2021-fielding-records-part-4/

Now we look at all-round performances in the calendar year 2021.

All-round performances for the year: No one has met the minimum requirements of 20 innings batted and 2000 balls bowled.

All-round match performances in a match: At least one fifty+ and one 5+wi.

Here we get:

Only two instances. Ashwin with a century and 5wi has clearly done better than Nauman Ali.

In the last of these studies, we will look at the best performances of debutants in 2021.