The mystery of Barog

Many of you would have heard the story of Colonel Barog, his suicide, and Baba Bhalku. How far is it true? For a change, an Indian publication looks behind the legend.

A few points to add:

The place was originally called Barog as well as Barogh before the construction if the line started.

The station was initially called Barogh, as you can see here. By 1930 it was listed as Barog.

Also, Barog does not seem to be a British name. It could be a variation of Barogh (Irish) or possibly from one of the Scandinavian countries.

RR Bhandari’s book (1983) does not mention the name of Colonel Barog.

As the article in the link states, it makes a nice story but the story cannot be verified.

Barog station today: