Places with bad names-3


(NOT for those who are easily offended)

This may seem like an innocuous name board, but some will find it amusing:

It would be linked to this place in Pune:

Then there are places like this:

Not sure about the etymology of this place name. However, this is also the name of a tribe in North-east India:

They are a proud people with a long history. You will still see name boards like this:


As you may guess, as the usage of Hindi picked up in Assam people tried to avoid using their tribe’s name. For example, the town of Chutiapara near Guwahati was renamed:


Finally, we look at names which would amuse Westerners:

This one is in Andhra Pradesh:

There is another one in Tamil Nadu. It is somewhat larger, but does not have a railway station:

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