They never saw defeat in Tests-updated to October 2017

Data as of 15 Oct 2017

Last time we looked at those Test players who never saw victories in their careers-a long list of over 150 players including some fairly prominent names. Now we look at those who never saw defeat. Here too the topper is a relatively unknown player.

There are no less than 68 players with 5 or more Tests who never saw defeat.

Those who played in 7 or more Tests are listed below:

No loss

The list is headed by an Indian RK Chauhan, who, like Eldine Baptiste, acquired this distinction mainly by being in the right place at the right time, when he was the third spinner after Kumble and Raju at a time when the fading Kapil and upcoming Srinath opened the bowling. Cricinfo did not even bother with a picture of him:

He was probably lucky to play 21 Tests with limited batting and a best of 4-48 with no other four-for.

Another article with a picture:

He is said to have recovered now.

Much the same could be said about the next few on the list, notably McCool, Toshack and Loxton who were fringe players of Bradman’s Invincibles of 1948. They had their moments, like when Toshack took 5 wickets for 2 runs against India in 1947-48.

EA McDonald opened the bowling for Australia with Jack Gregory in the early 1920s and created havoc against England, although he ended with only 11 Tests. He may have been the first prominent Test player to be killed in a road accident, which was some years later in 1937:

Eldine Baptiste naturally finds his place here, having never seen either defeat or a draw.

There are no current players visible above. For those with 5 or more Tests, there is only KK Nair (6 Tests with 5 victories and a draw) and he has not played in India’s past few Tests.

Of course, the all-draw men CV Gadkari and Shafiq Ahmed who saw only draws in their 6 Tests are also there.


They only saw draws in Tests-updated to October 2017

So far we have covered the cases of those who only saw victories and those who only saw defeats in Test careers of at least 5 matches. Today we take on the less interesting cases of those who saw only draws, as on October 15, 2017.

There are only 5 players who meet this criterion, and most would be unknown to the average cricket follower. The top two positions go to CV Gadkari (Ind) and Shafiq Ahmed (Pak).


There is nothing special about the careers of these players including the chart-toppers:

CV Gadkari had the misfortune of playing 3 Tests of the 1954-55 India tour of Pakistan, a strong contender for the dullest Test series in history. He did score one fifty. The 1960-61 series between these countries also ended in 5 draws, but had some likelihood of results.

Shafiq Ahmed had a totally undistinguished Test career, with a top score of 27* as a specialist batsman.

And PH Punjabi played all his Tests in that same 1954-55 series.

Even if you modify the criteria for at least 85 % draws in a career, we get only 9 players of whom Donnelly is the best known.


A Kuruvilla played his 10 Tests within 9 months in 1997, at a time when India’s strong batting and weak bowling contributed to many draws. In his case, India’s one loss at Bridgetown was quite narrow (38 runs) and has been considered a possible fixed match.

Mills scored a century on debut but started his Test career practically along with New Zealand, which had a rather long learning curve.

Donnelly had scored a double century against England. Like Ajit Agarkar, he made sure that his only Test century came at Lord’s.

The highlight of Goddard’s career was a hat trick against New Zealand.

More oddities follow where we look into those who never saw victories in their career. As we will see, these include some leading players.