Australia-England series review-2

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Continuing with individual performances in


Most wickets (90 or more):

Headed by Warne and Lillee. Current players are headed by Broad (131), Anderson (112) and Lyon (101).

Best innings bowling (including all 8wi or more):

Headed by Laker. SCJ Broad is in 4th place with 8-15 in 2015. No one else from recent times, unless you count McGrath’s 8-38 in 1997.

Best match bowling (including all 12wm or more):

Laker heads this table as well, with Massie’s freak debut in second place. From recent years the best is 12-246 by Warne in 2005.

Best bowling averages (Minimum 2000 balls, 25.00 or less):

Here we do have some current players such as PJ Cummins (20.75) and Hazlewood (24.45).

Lohmann has the best bowling average (13.01), Attewell the best economy rate (1.31) and Ferris the best strike rate (42.2)

Now we look at


Most dismissals (40 or more):

Headed by RW Marsh (148), though there are several current players such as Paine, SPD Smith and Bairstow. The specialist stumper Oldfield has 31 stumpings besides 59 catches. Among fielders, the highest is 61 by GS Chappell. Current players include SPD Smith (46).

Most dismissals in an innings (5 or more):

Several keepers have taken 6 in an innings. No fielder has more than 4. Oldfield has 4 stumpings.

In this series, Carey and Billings each took 5 catches on debut.

Most dismissals in a match (7 or more):

Several keepers have taken 9 in a match. Also note GS Chappell’s 7 as a fielder. He was the first Test player to achieve this, although several others have equaled this (and India’s Rahane has taken 8).

In this series AT Carey took 8 dismissals on debut. All 8 were catches, which is a record in all Tests. Others have taken 8 on debut but included one or more stumpings.


Best dismissal rate (Minimum 20 innings, 0.75):

Headed by Gilchrist and Haddin, with Bairstow, Buttler and SPD Smith from current players. LC Braund has the best (0.973) among pure fielders.

All-round performances:

Career figures (see criteria in table):

KR Miller leads by a large margin. Stokes represents the current players.

Match performances (50 and 5wi):

A long list. The best would be those with 100/5wi (JM Gregory, Botham) and with 50/10wm (W Bates, Trumble and Woolley).

Cricket nicknames

Many prominent cricketers have well-known nicknames-as you can see here:

The origins of these names are varied. Sometimes they are common nicknames such as Jack for John or Harry for Henry. Sometimes they are decided by the player’s family, as in the case of Nanik Amarnath Bharadwaj becoming Lala Amarnath and Mulvantrai Himmatlal Mankad becoming Vinoo Mankad.

Australia has more than its share of nicknames with odd origins. A very quiet Ashley Mallett became “Rowdy”, while Adam Gilchrist became Gilchurch because a young boy thought that was his name.

Lillee was Fot, because Tony Lock once said “Dennis, stop bowling like a flippin’ old tart!”

Some of the names occurred as a consequence of the long train journeys involved in earlier years. At the start of his domestic career, young Bill Lawry was sent by his seniors to pick up suitable literature from the station bookstall. He had to hurry, and grabbed whatever he could. When he got back, he was told, “Bill, all that you got was a bunch of bloody Phantom comics!”

Rod Marsh’s name came when the train was passing this suburb of Melbourne, when they saw a sign like this:

Moreover, Bacchus the god of wine is depicted in paintings like this:

Some saw a resemblance, so the name stuck.