If this was the IPL – Daily Update

If the World Cup was run like the IPL, this would be the status on July 5 after the first 43 matches

Orange Cap: Shakib Al Hasan* (606 runs) followed by RG Sharma (544), DA Warner (516), AJ Finch (504) and JE Root (500)

Purple Cap: MA Starc (24 wickets) followed by Mustafizur Rahman* (20), LH Ferguson, JC Archer and Mohammad Amir* (17 each).

Most Sixes: EJG Morgan (22), followed by AJ Finch (18) and CH Gayle* and RG Sharma (12 each).

Shakib* also has 11 wickets.

Starc had taken 22 wickets in the 2015 World Cup and was Man of the Series.

Potential candidates for MOS are RG Sharma, Shakib*, Warner and Starc. If Starc wins, he would be the first to be MOS for 2 World Cup championships.

* No further matches as their teams are not in the semi-finals.

Points Table:

Points table Jul 05 2019

After 43 matches

Australia and India’s places in the semi-finals are confirmed. The 1st and 2nd positions will be clear only after the 44th and 45th matches.

Eng is 3rd and NZ 4th.

AFG is the only team to lose all their (9) matches.

Now all teams have lost at least 1 match. Aus and Ind have each lost 1 match.

Next Up on Jul 6:

44 Jul 6, Ind v SL, 1500

45 Jul 6, Aus v SA, 1800




IPL 2019-looking ahead to the last 4

As we now know, the last four after the group stage are:

  1. MI    18
  2. CSK  18
  3. DC    18
  4. SRH  12

Can we predict anything about the final result? Let us see how the past 3 editions have turned out.


1 GL (RIP) 18, 3rd place

2 RCB        16, 2nd place

3 SRH        16, won

4 KKR       16, 4th place


1 MI         20, won

2 RP (RIP)18, 2nd

3 SRH       17, 4th

4 KKR      16, 3rd


1 SRH       18, 2nd

2 CSK       18, won

3 KKR      16, 3rd

4 RR         14, 4th

Notes: In 2019 SRH qualified with 12 points, which must be the lowest points to qualify in the 56-match format. Last year RR qualified with 14 which may be the second lowest.

Based on the history given above, the winner could be the 1st, 2nd  or 3rd placed in the group stage.




IPL 2019 at the halfway mark

On April 13, the 27th and 28th matches were played which brings us to the halfway stage of the league matches. The story so far:

IPL after 28 matches

We look back at the final tables of the past 3 tournaments. Note that each team plays 14 matches.

2018: In descending order 18,18, 16,14,12

2017: 20,18,17,16,14

2016: 18,16,16,16,14

Conclusion: To qualify for the semis, you need 16 points (or 8 victories) to be assured of a place. If you are very lucky (as in 2018) 14 points maybe enough to scrape through.

Now see what your favorite team needs to qualify.

No 2 always tries harder (IPL)

Comparing the league table position with the final result of IPL from 2015 to 2018:

2015: The winner MI had come second in the league

2016: The winner RCB had come second in the league

2017: The winner MI had come first in the league

2018: The winner CSK had come second in the league

Reminds one of the famous advertising slogan of Avis which ran for a few decades: