Kerala’s worst air crash

The crash of the Air-India Express Boeing 737 at Kozhikode on 07/08/2020 resulted in the loss of at least 21 lives.

It appears to have been the worst aviation accident in Kerala (counting both civil and military aircraft). The previous worst accident was near Kochi airport in 1998, which resulted in the loss of 9 lives including 3 on the ground:

One military crash had a slightly higher death toll of 10 :

There have been other accidents which occurred outside Kerala but had a large number of casualties from that state. Offhand one can think of Mangaluru 2010 and Mumbai 1978 which must have had at least half of the passengers from Kerala:

An old Indo-Somalian connection

With all these PJs about Kerala, Somalia and Po Mone, it is interesting to find something from the 1930s showing Gandhi’s connection with a Somali warder in his jail. Somalia was also a British colony then.

I vaguely remember reading this as one of the stories in 6th or 7th  standard. Typically for those times, English and Hindi textbooks in CBSE schools had numerous stories involving Gandhi and others who may not be so popular now.

Anyway, the story was similar to this:

Apart from that, there are some ladies from eastern India with the name Somali.

Travels in the deep South

Today we have a longish account of a series of train trips (mainly Tamil Nadu and Kerala) in 2006. Includes the now-vanished Sengottai-Punalur MG line, the jinxed bridge at Ariyalur and much more. For instance, why would Harry Potter feel at home at Tirunelveli Jn? Why should a North Indian not take punga at Park station in Chennai? Why do internet users dislike the small station of Senji-Panambakkam near Chennai? And who are Kerala’s notorious Gang of Four? All these important questions are answered below: Trip Report_ Southern Odyss..