Good neighbours

Examples of station signs with languages of neighboring states.

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Raichur station-5 languages

Raichur in Karnataka and close to Telangana. Has Telugu apart from English, Hindi, Kannada and Urdu.


Nearby in Telangana there is Krishna. Has Kannada apart from English, Hindi, Telugu and Urdu.


Kollengode, Kerala. Has Tamil apart from Malayalam.


Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. Has Malayalam apart from Tamil.

In the past Kanniyakumari in TN had Malayalam apart from Tamil-partly because it was in Travancore state for a long time.


Sini, near Jamshedpur in Jharkhand. Has Odiya and Bengali.

Numerous signs in Jharkhand had Bengali, like here:

Jasidih old

And in present-day Bihar:

Jamalpur station

Finally, Pimpalkhuti in Maharashtra, close to Telangana.


In Maharashtra near the Telangana border we have this inscription which is in Hindi and not Marathi.

Many stations in Maharashtra have separate inscriptions for Hindi and Marathi even if they are identical, but not here. .A typical example is this one from Miraj where Hindi and Marathi inscriptions are identical:


These are a few samples of good neighborliness. Numerous other cases can be seen in other parts of India.