What happened on October 2

India has a public holiday on October 2 to mail the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. What other things happened on this day?

Main reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/October_2

Births on October 2:

1869: Mahatma Gandhi, Indian leader

1871: Cordell Hull, US leader

1873: Pelham Warner, English cricketer

1890: Groucho Marx, American actor

1904: Graham Greene, British writer

1904: Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indian leader

1939: Budhi Kunderan, Indian cricketer

1942: Asha Parekh, Indian actress

1948: Donna Karan, American designer

1951: Sting, British singer

Deaths on October 2:

1968: Marcel Duchamp, French artist

1973: Paavo Nurmi, Finnish runner

1975: K Kamaraj, Indian leader

1985: Rock Hudson, American actor

2018: Jamal Khashoggi, Saudi journalist

Events on October 2:

1967: Thurgood Marshall sworn in as first African-American judge of the US Supreme Court

2018: Jamal Khashoggi incident in Istanbul

The significance of January 30

We all know the significance of January 30 for India. What other important things happened on that day?

Wikipedia has a page which summarizes events, births and deaths for each day of the year, e.g.


Summarizing this page, here are a few things which may be of interest:

Starting with


1948: Mahatma Gandhi, Indian leader

1948: Orville Wright, American inventor

1951: Ferdinand Porsche, German engineer and businessman

1991: John Bardeen, American double Nobel Prize winner

2007: Sidney Sheldon, American author


1882: Franklin Roosevelt, American president

1927: Olaf Palme, Swedish prime minister

1929: Hugh Tayfield, South African cricketer

1930: Gene Hackman, American actor

1937: Vanessa Redgrave, British actress

1937: Boris Spassky, Soviet chess player

1941: Dick Cheney, American vice-president

1951: Phil Collins, British musician

1990: Mitchell Starc, Australian cricketer


1933: Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany

1968: North Vietnamese forces launch Tet Offensive against South Vietnamese forces.